Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bush Gardens

And now, time for another episode of Susie's Homemade Gardening. This week, I am going to introduce you to my Front Garden or what I like to call "Bush Gardens'. This is where I planted my bigger statement plants because really, we only enjoy this garden from the road. We don't really spend anytime on this side of the house unless we are inside.

Check out that picture window!! Brand spankin new this year. I love it!! I actually like having my blinds open now. It is like having a whole wall of art!!

Anyway, the middle has some May Nights (a purple bush that blooms in the early summer, hence the name). Along the sides of that are two what I call Cabbage Plants. I call them that because they look like that in the spring and then bloom into neat pink flowers in the fall. On the sides, I have my rose bushes.

The roses are both climbers and the one along the house did really good this year. The other one was actually my grandmother's. She passed away in 1991 however, my brother bought the house that we grew up in. I told my sister-in-law that if she ever dug up that bush, I wanted it. Now, I have a piece of my grandma with me in my gardens which is fitting. She is the one who inspired me to be a gardener in the first place. So really, this is all her fault:-)

So that's "Bush Gardens". Next week, we will take a trip in the back yard to my "Tropical Garden". You know...just to give summer one last prop!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

That looks lovely! I wish I had gardens again!!!

Teri said...

Your garden is beautiful. I have a front window that I love to stand at several times during the day. I just stand there and look at the garden. So peaceful.

Kat said...

We have a set of double windows by the table in the kitchen. And there are no blinds. No curtains. Nothing. I love it. I like to look out and watch the hummingbirds fight over the feeder. Or just see the trees. So very peaceful...

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