Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tropical Garden

It's time for Gardening Thursday:-) This week, we are visiting my backyard or what I like to call my "Tropical Garden".

I call it that because that is where we keep the pool in the summer. The pool, having water and all, lends itself to the tropical theme. I have 2 kinds of ferns back there and what I call "Banana Leaf" hostas. They look like palm tree tops planted in the ground.
I also have my husband's Jades back there. These actually have an interesting story.

My husband's paternal grandmother had a beautiful Jade back in their hometown of Cincinnati. The family had taken several cuttings from it on different occasions however, they never seemed to take. They tried on last time at Grandma's funeral. After they came home, the Jades finally grew! Then, the uncles called and reported that Grandma's Jade finally retired. It was like she wasn't willing to leave Cincinnati and then when it was time to go, she lived on here in that Jade.

And, as one of the newest members of the family, I took my own cutting off of my husband's plant. I have successfully grown my own Family Jade in a pot that I bought in Mexico on our honeymoon. Kind of fitting, don't you think? My husband says it's like getting Grandma's approval:-) Thanks, Grandma! I love your grandson very much:-)

Thanks for spending Thursday with me gardening. Next week, we will take a look at my fall plants:-)


Anonymous said...

That's a sweet story...I love it! We have some of my Grandma's roses. They aren't the prettiest...but we keep them because they were hers.

Kat said...

I love that you have some of Grandma's jade. I don't speak plant. And the idea of pulling weeds or getting down on my hands and knees to plant...ugh. So, I'm a big believer in hiring out :-)

thotlady said...

Great story. I have my mother's iris bulbs that I have been carrying around with me since I left Wisconsin in 1996.

I dig them up everytime we move and replant them at the new place.

I love Iris'. Unfortunately our house is in a very wooded area, no sunlight to speak of. I can't seem to get the iris' to bud. My neighbor said I should try moving them to the back yard. This fall I will move them and give that a go. We do have a minimal amount of sunlight in the back.

Love the hostas though.

Rhea said...

What a wonderful story about the Jade plant! I love it. So cool you have it in a pot you got on your honeymoon too. Wonderful continuity.

leezee52 said...

Thanks so much for visiting me on my special day…I could hardly sleep last night I was so excited!

Lee :)

Jennifer P. said...

Your hostas are so pretty! And I love the idea of passing on a family plant!

You asked about my Rheumatic Fever---it kept me bed-ridden for 6 weeks. Worst pain I've ever been in in my whole life! And yes--it damaged my heart valve. But lots of people live with a murmur like mine and go on to have long, happy lives :). I tire out a lot faster than I use to, but I am forever grateful that 1. I survived it and 2. I now have a reference to judge all other pain I think I may be in in my life against.

Gotta look for the good in everything, right :)?!

Have a great day--and thanks for your sweet comment.

Jill Scott said...

I haven't seen a jade plant in a long time. It reminds me of one I had as a kid and I kept it alive for YEARS. Congratulations on keeping Grandma's plan going.

Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me in Hungary! Thanks for the story!

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