Monday, August 24, 2009

Grape Jam

Here, I am doing more menu planning with I'm an Organizing Junkie and finding more deals at Pick N Save for $5 Dinners .

Well, I survived last week only to get hit again this week. My older daughter is flying off to Spain for a semester so, the first half of the week is devoted to her. My younger daughter is starting kindergarden next week so, the second half of this week is dedicated to her. Not to mention, my mom has appointments and my grapes are coming in!!
Thank goodness Pick N Save had canning stuff on sale this week. I picked some up to make my grape jam. I use the SURE.JELL® Concord Grape Jam recipe from their site. So, I don't have a recipe this week. However, if you are wondering what the difference is between jelly and jams and everything else, I have a breakdown for you at the bottom of this post.

Here is what I am serving this week:
Sunday: Paella (Older Daughter's Going Away Party)
Monday: Eat Out (Older Daughter's Last Night here)

Tuesday: Eat Out (Take Older Daughter to Chicago)

Wednesday: Leftovers (Mom's Doctor Appt.)

Thursday: Chicken and Pasta (Younger Daughter's Dentist Appt. and Haircut)

Friday: Fish and Fries (Younger Daughter's Meet and Greet at School and Mom's Dr. Appt.)

What is the difference between jelly and jam?
Here it is from smoothest to chunkiest:-)
Jelly is made from fruit juice and is smooth.
Jam is made from a puree of fruit but it does not have fruit chunks.

Marmalade is made with the flesh and the rind of the fruit (usually citrus) but it remains smooth like jelly.
Preserves is made by cooking down the fruit so that it is chunky and not smooth like jelly.

Chutney is made from fruit or vegetables and has the consistency of a relish and not a spread.
Happy Canning:-)


Alicia said... have one is almost done w/ school, and one starting out!!

And thank you for those definitions of all the jams/jelly's!! I never knew!

Donetta said...

interesting post girl. I have often called preserves jam.
hope you have a great day.

Roxane said...

Thank you for clarifying the jam/jelly debate! I swear i've always wanted to know the difference. I'm a preserve kinda gal :)

Jingle said...

That is some good info on the jam/jelly thing! Thanks for that!

Jen said...

thanks for the jelly lesson, I alway wondered.

Anonymous said...

jam is the way to go for me! :-)

The Blonde Duck said...

Oh yum! How lovely!

Melissa B. said... Dad always loved chutney. I think it's an acquired taste...

Frizzy said...

I've made plum and Cherry Rhubarb jam so far this year. Do you think I have room for some grape jam too? What type grapes do you use for it?

bettyl said...

Thanks for that info...I never really thought about it before. I just know that my mom used to make preserves when I was a kid and they were delicious!

Mandy said...

That's interesting. I know nothing about jams and jelly, other than I enjoy them on biscuits, breads, etc. Thanks for sharing those tips! I'm visiting from SITS. Happy Saturday!

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