Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Need to Get Back Here

I don't know what happens when that little girls is home from school for a long period of time but, it doesn't look like this right now:-(
Playing along with Wordless Wednesday at 5 Minutes for Mom and Wordful Wednesday on parenting By dummies:-)


Michelle said...

I was just saying to a friend the other day that I never seem to get anything done when the kids are home! Right now I am in serious reorganizing mode.

angie said...

By the time my kids went back to school I felt like I hadn't gotten anything accomplished in a month. :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I never get anything done when Ben's home!

HDMac said...

LOL.... Yes, I, remember those days... but isn't it such fun to have them around? Enjoy it as it doesn't last forever... sigh.... :) Have a VERY GOOD DAY!!! :) Sending hugs your way!

djawa said...

uhmm.,. i like it., lol.,

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