Thursday, March 1, 2012

Garden Update

I haven't done a garden update in forever. Probably because I haven't had a garden in a while. Here are my sprouts. 

Another thing happened in the garden today. The best way to describe it is to share an email I sent to my husband today:

"Ok....wildlife hates me. After sowing some seeds inside, I ventured outside to see how things are going out there. I turned the compost and pulled out the old plants from the veggie garden. Man, there are a TON of weeds in there:-( I would LOVE to get a hold of that this year. Anyway, I tried to turn the soil and there was no way. Rock solid. Then, I turned my attention to the peonies. I thought I could get a jump on spring cleaning by pulling those out too. I mean, the veggies came out really easily. And I thought, I could pull them before the new stuff starts to come up. Well, I took one pull and out popped...a bunny!!! I screamed like someone was stabbing me repeatedly! I am sure the neighbors love it when I go outside because it is so entertaining. I went directly inside to pull the crap out of my pants and I am done for today. ##%^^^& bunnies!!!"



Candi said...

ban the bunnies!!!!

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