Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bake Like a Pro

Iron Cupcake: Milwaukee has really taken off! The last challenge we had people out the door waiting to get to the cupcakes! If I want every one of those judges to taste my cupcakes, I need to bring 3-dozen beautiful babies!! That means that for every challenge I am making restaurant size batches! So now, I need some restaurant supplies!

In my quest for bulk baking, I found They have everything that I need for my competitive baking, my chocolate shop and my awesome cupcake shop dream. I spent hours looking around and making my wish list:

1. I wish I had more baking pans.

2. I wish I had an abundance of bakery boxes.

3. I wish I had an endless supply of cupcake liners.

4. I wish I had all that professional cookware .

5. I wish I had my cupcake shop.

So there you have it:-) If you know anyone who is looking to buy me a late birthday or early Christmas present...


Veggie said...

Wow, you certainly are ambitious, Susie! I'ma gonna come on down to Milwaukee some day to taste some of your delicious wares...

BoufMom9 said...

It's just so exciting that you do these competitions. I know one day you will get there and have your shop! Have faith!

Anonymous said...

hahaha...nice! You should keep looking on Ebay and never know what you can find on there too!

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