Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spring Baking

May was a HUGE baking month. Here is some other things I made:

Mom's Strawberry Birthday Cake

Cookies for Author's Tea


EmmaP said...

mmm... both look so yummy!

Veronica Lee said...

OMG!! I feel hungry just looking at the pics!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Amy said...

Oh I love that cake.. I so want some.. Have a great day..

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

OK, now I'm seriously hungry! :) I have that EXACT same basket! You have good taste... ;)

WW: The Pond, One Year Later

Jingle said...

I would love to have a piece.

Donetta said...

Hello Susie
Sounds like the oven has been warm all month. That berry cake is just awesome. Whipped cream frosting? The cookie technique on the center flower turned out cool. Have you ever laid out a bit of color in a decorating bag just a strip from tip to top then filled with the main color it is a cool way too.
Well happy trails girl.

Alicia said...

YUM, I want some!!!!!!!!

Braley Mama said...

You should open a bakery!!!!! I love that cake, it looks amazing!

Candi said...


The Blonde Duck said...

I love those cookies!

blueviolet said...

You're the best, Susie!!! Do you like baking or cooking better?

Controlling My Chaos said...

Your cookies are GORG. I want one RIGHT NOW.

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