Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Moving Right Along

Well, I have been a busy gardener. Last week, I repotted my houseplants. Just like people, houseplants need an annual renewal. The soil needs to be emptied of the old soil and the pot needs to be sanitized. I do this by washing the pots in a mixture of one part bleach per nine parts water. I trim any roots that may have been pot bound and then place them back in new soil with a time released fertilizer. After a good watering, they are ready to be returned to their resting places within my home. It's a great thing having my "children" fed and happy.

This week, I checked those seeds that I began testing last week. I am very happy with the results. Everything sprouted except the heirloom tomatoes, chives and peppers. Since they have longer germination time, I am going to check them next week before discarding them for new seeds.

So, as you can see...things are moving right along.


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