Friday, August 20, 2010

Tax Credit Kitchen Day Dream

I was daydreaming this afternoon about a new kitchen. I guess I do that a lot because I remembered this too:

Before I met my husband, he gutted and rebuilt all three bedrooms. A couple years ago we got a new roof and a new car. Last year, we gutted and redid our bathrooms and windows and bought another new car. AND, we bought two new computers last year and one was for education! We hit all of the tax credits for this year, last year! We have done everything possible to improve our property and support the economy. With nothing to show for the improvements (except the improvements), we deserve a tax credit kitchen.

Now, we are half way there. Last year (last year was a rough one) got a new range, a new dishwasher and a new microwave. All we need now is a enclume pot racks and some new cabinets. That's all I am looking for:-) Do you think that I could get a tax credit for a
enclume pot racks ?

Now, hear me out...we have done everything right. We are putting money into our property to keep the values up. We have almost single-handedly maintained the economy and the auto industry (both cars are American) during this difficult time. We are being penalized on our timing for the other credits. The least the administration could do for us is get me a new bright and shiny enclume pot racks . That's all. Just a little thank you for our support:-) Is that too much to ask?


The Blonde Duck said...

I don't think it's too much at all!

Alicia said...

Not at all, Susie!!!

blueviolet said...

It would be a sin if they didn't do that for you!

Amy said...

I hope you get that tax credit..

Have a great weekend..

Yes, the children do grow up way too fast..

Donetta said...

Your still thinking on this girl. Pray ask and let it go. The advertising is a good thing for them. You know they ought to send you a set just for that.

Meri said...

Go for it! There's nothing better than a gourmet kitchen with great appliances.

Amy said...

OH yes it is time for holiday shopping I hear you on that one. Have a great day.

EmmaP said...

lol! there is a credit for everything else -- why NOT a pot rack :)

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