Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saving Roses During a Remodel

As part of the remodel, I had to dig up two of my gardens. I experienced physical pain ripping my babies from the earth. I wanted to keep everything but the repairs are going to take me well into October. They will not have a chance to reestablish before the ground freezes. So, I have to stash some in my veggie garden over the winter. Here is how I did it:

1. Dig a hole:

2. Fertilize the hole:

3. Fill the hole with water:

4. Put the rose in the hold and pack with dirt:

5. Water well and keep watering well for the first two weeks. This will help everyone settle in.

Wish me luck:-)


Frizzy said...

You never know, they may come back bigger and better than ever!

What an exciting time. A remodel? I envy you!

Candi said...

My momma swears by Black Cow compost. Not sure if you've ever heard of it, but it does wonders for roses. It'll be gorgeous next summer!

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