Tuesday, August 23, 2011

She Was a Brick House

Wow! I sure have been gone a long time! On top of preparing for my new positions as PTO President and Girl Scout School Organizer, we are in the position where we HAVE to repair our house. Here is the story:

This beautiful Roman brick...

...was pulling down our front stoop and poking a whole in our basement wall:-( If you think it sounds expensive, you would be right! We have found ways to keep the cost down. For example, our contractor wanted to charge us $1000 to take down the brick. We found a brick reclaimer who came took down the brick for free AND pay us a nickle a brick! Now, that is smart!!! But, here is what it looks like:

Quite the mess, right? Oh AND, they didn't take the mortar away. So, we had to haul 3 trailer loads of cement to the dump. No THAT is sweat equity!

And, the fun will continue. As a result of this, I have plenty to write about. Like how to menu plan when your plate runneth over. Not to mention, how are we going to put our palace back together. And finally, I get to redesign a bunch of my gardens. So stay tuned for all the mad-cap fun.

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Candi said...

I've missed you!!! So glad you are okay. Terrible about the brick though. You're so resourceful, you'll get it done in a flash!

Jolene said...

I can't wait to read what is to come! I enjoy reading your blogs.

Mrs. Blue said...

Wow, I have sooooo missed you, glad you are back and looks like you are living life, just like the rest of us! It's always such an ADVENTURE! lol

shopannies said...

love reading your positive post and cant wait to see what more you have to share

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