Monday, November 7, 2011

Can You Feel a Brand New Day?

I had an absolutely fantastic appointment with my new doctor on Friday! I have never felt so heard by a physican in my entire life! She addressed EVERY complaint that I have EVER had!!! It was A LOT of information to take in so, I don't have a match-up of sales and recipes for you today however, I do have a cholesterol recipe at the end of the post, if you can make it that far:-)

If you are a "woman of a certain age" and you are having problems that just haven't been addressed, I HIGHLY recommend seeing a doctor that practices integrated medicine or at the very least, specializs in women's health. I can feel my doctor changing my life as we speak! She took on everything: my pre-menopausal symptoms, urinary frequency, my triglycerits that are through the roof, the intolerance to cold, the perpetual perspiration, the weight retention and getting sick after working out. EVERYTHING!! My other doctors said I just had to deal with it, do Keegels, take medicine, your thyroid is fine, eat less and work out more or I don't know what that is!!! Here is what my new doctor said:

My thyroid is NOT fine! Did you know that the scale in which we as women are measured for thyroid issues are based on a study of men from the 1980's?? We weren't even included in the study!! So, if your thyroid is 3 or over, talk to your doctor because that IS considered elevated!

Having an elevated thyroid explains most of my symptoms and THAT alone is HUGE!! So, we are going to finally address that. I also have a laundry list of supplements and a change in hormones to help get me back in line. I am getting a new general practioner that specializes in cholesterol issues and a holistic dietician. I really feel that success and health are in my new future! I am NOT going to have to spend the next 10 years exhausted and nauseous and bitchy. (My poor husband, I have been horrible lately!)

So, without further adieu (and so, you guys don't think I forgot about you), I give you my cholesterol recipe. Some of the ingredients are hard to find but it just took a trip to a health food store and GNC and I got it all. I get to stir this in my yogurt every morning. I feel lighter and healthier already!!

Ground Flax Seed- 1 cup
Raw Wheat Germ- 1 cup
Lecithin Granules- 1 cup
Brewer Yeast Flakes- 1 cup

Mix all together well. Keep refrigerated in an air-tight container. Take 2 tablespoons of mix and add to juice (apricot juice, preferably) or yogurt once a day.

I am posting this menu plan along with I'm an Organizing Junkie and $5 Dinners .


blueviolet said...

I'm afraid to know what my levels are. I took a test years ago and they were elevated, so I worked my butt off to get them back to normal. Now I know they've got to be back up again. Thank you for the recipe!

Candi said...

So glad you found a good doctor to figure out your ailments!

Jolene said...

I'm so happy you found a doctor that is going to actually help you and understand where youa re coming from. That is the biggest battle there...having total confidence in your doctor! Here is to a new healthier you with your new better doctor. ;)

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