Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gardening Thursday

Welcome to Gardening Thursday! This is the day that I talk about the gardening aspect of Susie's Homemade:-) Over the next couple weeks, I am going to introduce you to all of my garden areas on our 3/4 acre piece of the pie:-) On Tuesday, I showed you my vegetable garden. Yikes:-(

This week is my favorite garden: "The Fence Garden". It is my favorite because it is the only one that is the most "done" and is the most seasonal of all my gardens. I have it broken into 2 areas:

1. The planted ares: In the spring, I have yellow daffodils and in the summer I have yellow day lillies. The rest of the season is just green but I don't have any winter interest.

2. The boxes: In the spring, I have German Ivy on the sides and then orange and red impatiens. My husband said that the colors are so deep that they are almost neon:-) These plants I have had for 3 years because I take them inside and keep them going over the winter. The middle planters house yellow Marigolds because my mom likes them. I also have new boxes set and ready to go for the fall and the winter which I will cover in a later post.

So that's it. My favorite garden. Next week, I will show you my "Front Garden".


Anonymous said...

Very nice. I love impatients. If ever a flower was named after me....that one was it! HA!

Gardening is very therapeutic....I hope since Zander will be a bit older next year I'll be able to get some of that done while he plays in the yard.

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